Laparoscopy - Disposables

Ethicon / Covidien

Reloads For Regular & Bariatric Surgery

Used with surgical stapler.



Used in surgical stapling for regular and bariatric surgeries.


For Regular and Bariatric sizes.


A surgical instrument with a cutting point enclosed in a tube, used to enter a body cavity.

Patient CO2 Insufflator Tubing

Carries CO2 from the insufflator to the patient


  • Storz 20400161: High Flow Insufflation Tubing (with filter)
  • Deroyal 28-0201: Laparoscopy Insufflation Tubing
  • MTP 031117-01: Tubing Set w/2 puncture needle for Storz HAMOU Endomat
  • Stryker 620-040-660, 620-040-680, 620-040-690: High Flow Insufflation Tube for Pneumosure
  • DAVOL/BARD 5820222: Laparoscopic Insufflation tubing with filter

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